#World Vegan #awareness month

By | 4th November 2016

avocado-829092_1920For all you Vegans out there, this is #WorldVeganAwareness Month.

Finding alternative sources of protein and essential fatty acids can be tricky until you know how.

Making sure you have all the vitamins and minerals you need is vital to your health whether you are #vegan or #vegetarian or eat meat. Making sure you have all the information you need to make sure you are eating everything you need for optimum health is always a priority.

A brilliant source of protein and essential fats is the wonderful #avocado.  Make sure you include this in your diet with a mix of pulses, grains, seeds, nuts and vegetables and you should be getting most of what you need. One thing in particular you need to take note of is your B Vitamins, especially B12. B12 cannot be made in the body and so you must include it in your diet. This has an effect on folate and iron levels. You need B12. Some symptoms or signs of deficiency are mouth ulcers or a sore, red tongue. You might notice vision or walking problems. There can be a yellow tint seen on the skin. If you are worried about this, you must see your GP. In order to avoid it becoming a problem you should take nutritional advice to make sure you are including enough in your diet. There are many vitamin and mineral supplements available to ensure your diet is complete.


(picture courtesy of pixabay)

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