#Wisemanthedog tips on how to feel good

By | 8th January 2017

Some humans don’t like Mondays. Some find the thought of Monday morning even spoils their Sunday evening. I don’t get it, the worrying-about something-that-hasn’t-happened-yet thing. I just think about now. My belly is full and the fire is on. Life is good. Humans call this mindfulness. It just comes naturally to me, I just think about now. And now, it’s time for a good sleep (or book, or film, or whatever rocks your boat. [Actually I don’t like boats, I prefer bones. Much more satisfying].)

If you find yourself getting wound up about stuff that might happen, or upset about all those things that happened before, (before now) then you should get yourself some hypnosis and/or mindfulness training. (I’ll just share that I’ve done clicker training – great fun but it’s not for humans.) Spending time in all those yesterdays or tomorrows can make you anxious or depressed and that’s not going to help you feel good.  Call 07490 769 079. You will enjoy your Sundays even more, and who knows, you might even come to like Mondays. Living in the now certainly makes me feel easy and chilled.

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