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By | 11th January 2017

As it New Year and some of you may have made a resolution to lose weight, and we are in National #Obesity awareness week #JanUary I am offering a special offer for those who contact me over this week (11th-18th January) to start our weight management course. Call 07490 767079. I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2015 and strengthened my skills over an eight month course in 2016. Don’t go on a crash diet. The warning is in the word ‘crash’. Set yourself up to SUCCEED by nurturing that part of you that loves you the most. You already know what you want, but making changes can be a challenge. We all have that ‘good guy, bad guy’ syndrome and we all face temptation. Hypnotherapy will enable you to find your strength and motivation. Of course, change can only happen with self kindness and understanding, and that’s why hypnotherapy is so successful, it works with the happy, determined part of you. The only question that matters is, “how good do you want to feel?”

Call 07490 767 079.

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