Vitamin C

By | 15th February 2016

We all need a boost at tvit c imagehis time of the year. Chesty coughs, colds, general fatigue. Its also hard to get fresh fruit and vegetables that haven’t had to do time traveling. This can affect the quality and strength of its natural goodness. It is definitely time to treat your body well. Today’s tip is Vitamin C. All colourful vegetables and fruits are rich in Vitamin C. That includes the greens, especially the power house that is broccoli.

Vitamin C is essential for the body’s production and maintenance of collagen which holds together the cells in skin, gums and tendons. It is a well known antioxidant which means it can clear the body of free radicals that trigger ageing and cancerous changes. It helps white blood cells to fight infection and is vital for efficient wound healing. It has been known to successfully clear up cold sores.


The body does not store Vitamin C as it is water soluble but if you take too much you will notice a change in your bowel habit. The recommended dose for adults is 60mg but most health care providers recommend at least 1000mg per day. Taking 1000mg will give your health immune system a boost and your health a kick start. If your body has had enough you will notice loose bowel movements.

Smoking, the contraceptive pill, tetracyclin, aspirin, and corticosteroid drugs all reduce Vitamin C levels in the body. If you have kidney stones it is not wise to take large doses. If you are due to have blood sugar tests avoid Vit C until after the tests as it can lead to inaccurate sugar results.

If you want to know more, follow this link to information from Linus Pauling, he dedicated his life to providing information about the beneficial effects of Vitamin C.



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