Treating fibromyalgia

By | 7th November 2015

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Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition that has no known cause. There are a number of symptoms, which, when put together form the diagnosis. There are blood tests that can be undertaken which may or may not show changes in the immune system, but it will not show anything specific as a marker for Fibromyalgia.

The symptoms are a reminder of how intricately the body systems are linked as each symptom, difficult enough to live with on its own, increases the intensity of the others. Chronic, sometimes constant pain, ranging from severe to mild can create sleep problems. Sleep deprivation and pain lead to fatigue and general debility. Feeling low and exhausted can result in poor mood and/or depression, perhaps with anxiety as an added complication. Inevitably problems arise around diet and nutrition and irritable bowel syndrome is a common feature. Clearly living with such debilitating symptoms can have an adverse effect on personal relationships, and increased pain sensitivity, even to normal touch, can make physical contact difficult. It becomes a literally vicious cycle that is hard to live with and equally as hard to break. Fibromyalgia presents differently in each sufferer.

Conventional treatment is aimed at controlling the individual symptoms. With a condition as idiosyncratic as this one, it is vital that all the physical and psychological characteristics of the person suffering with fibromyalgia are at the forefront of any treatment plan.

The herbal medicine prescription to improve your health will combine immune, digestive and circulatory herbs, with support for the nervous system, and of course, the musculoskeletal system. There is usually a separate pain medication and sleep mix.

NLP and/or hypnosis will create positive coping mechanisms to work towards overcoming depression and anxiety associated with chronic pain and illness.

There will need to be a program for gentle strengthening exercise for the body. This will build on activities already in place.

A fundamental part of treatment must take into account nutrition. There are diets aimed at reducing inflammation, stabilising blood sugar levels, increasing energy levels and supporting the digestive and immune systems, but it is vital for the body to ensure that digestive enzymes are available to ensure the absorption of the essential nutrients.

There is no magic fix for this horrible condition. A thorough history must be taken of how the bodily systems are interacting with each other as this will reveal where there is imbalance. It is this imbalance that must be the focus of treatment rather than the many and particular symptoms, so that there is a holistic approach to treating your health, mind and body.




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