By | 22nd February 2016

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Taking time for your health takes time. How many times a day, a week, a month do you focus on how you are feeling? You need to check in with yourself every day, even better if you can do it at least three times a day, say morning, late afternoon/evening and night. A few moments of sitting quietly, preferably with your eyes closed. Focus inwards, on your breath. Notice how your mind is at this moment. Stress? Worry? Anxiety? Just notice it, don’t try to fix it, yet. Now use your breath to scan your body from your toes to your head. Breathe into each part as you go. Notice if you feel tension or pain. If you do, breathe into that area and relax. When you have ‘looked’ all around your body, spend a few moments more just noticing your breath moving into and out of your body.

Why does this matter? Well, answer this. Which part of you feels like the real you? Your mind, your thoughts, your legs, your digestive system, your whole body? Most of us live in our head these days and are driven by constant thoughts about what we should or must do, worries about bills and jobs. We have an overload of information about all the awful things that are happening around the world. We have our own particular script about whether we are ‘good enough.’ The days can be tough.

The important thing to remember is that your health is about balance. It is something that you actually have to achieve, like using the old fashioned scales to put body and nutrition on one side and emotions and happiness on the other and adjusting them daily to keep them in harmony with each other.

Being healthy is an active state, a commitment to yourself to take care of your wonderful body and mind. Being healthy is more than simply not being ill. well. It is more than waiting for disease to slow you down and then taking a pill. It is about feeling good and achieving things that matter to you.

Take time for your health. Don’t wait until you get ill before you take action. So, how much time will you give to yourself today? Even two minutes of quiet attention to your body and mind is worth it, but two minutes three times a day is better. That make’s six minutes per day for yourself. Surely you can give yourself six minutes a day?  It is guaranteed that it will make you feel better.


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