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I felt cared for and nurtured when we met. Fran very gracefully held the space for my release/confusion/fear and emotions in a way that I felt very safe with her and very confident about her skills and experience.  I felt heard and understood and so I was able to relax my usual resistance and allow myself to be helped. What a huge relief that was!



Working with Fran’s knowledge and compassion has taken life to a new healthier and much more vibrant place – I can’t thank her enough and I have lost 19lbs, gained double the energy and sleep better – and love the herbs! Suzie K

I’ve tried diet changes, exercise and relaxation to bring my sugar levels down. Even with prescribed medication I was having trouble keeping it under control. I thought I’d give herbal remedies a try before going back to the GP for more pills. It’s had an immediate effect. My blood sugar readings have been the lowest I can remember. I wish I’d known about it sooner. S.R.

I would describe myself as a ‘difficult’ client so when my session with Fran came to an end I was really surprised. She put me at ease and I left confident and clear about a decision I was about to make. I am still reaping the rewards from my first session. N.R.

Fran is a wonderful and gifted healer

Fran is a wonderful and gifted healer. She listens really well and gives that individualized support that makes all the difference. Her knowledge of herbs as well as nutritional knowledge makes me know that My healing journey is safe.

Rachel Eden