Terms and Conditions

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is my professional body and as a member I am not able to offer medical or nutritional advice or herbal medicine without first having a face to face consultation. I can provide repeat herbal medicine prescriptions for up to 6 months without a further appointment.

All first appointments, last for at least one hour. Follow up appointments are either for 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

24 hours notice is required if appointments are to be cancelled. A full charge may be made for late cancellations.

I regularly run self-care workshops which are not intended to be used for individual treatment. These workshops will explore self-care. Treatment protocols can only be considered after a full consultation which cannot be offered during the workshop. You must continue with any current treatment and medication. If you have any specific health concerns, you should book a full consultation and visit your GP for advice. Please provide full details of current medical conditions and treatment before the start of each such session. Refunds will only be provided  for cancellations made at least one week before the date of the event. We will deduct 10% of the charge for administration costs.