Taking my own medicine

By | 1st September 2015

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Today is my reminder that, sometimes, you just have to do as you are told. In my case, it is my body doing the telling. You know how it is with a cold. Nose itches as if invaded by cat fur, runs like the proverbial tap, perfects the art of postnasal drip just to aggravate the wound that was, only yesterday, a normally functioning throat rather than a home for a frog. Creaky lungs, headache, legs that seem to weigh ten tons each, seem to complete the right to feel well and truly sorry for oneself. Earlier on, determined to do everything on my list, I found it difficult to be positive and upbeat. I don’t usually find it hard to do stuff like making breakfast and drinking tea and so pushed on with my daily tasks. The more I refused to ‘give in’ to the cold, the easier it became to be negative and grumpy. So thank you to my friend, who finally grew tired of my mood and said, you need to take some of your own medicine. And, in a dim-daylight-saving-type-of-light-bulb moment, I realized she was right. So what might my medical herbalist-self prescribe for an acute condition like this cold? There are so many herbs to choose from and certainly no need for conventional antibiotics.

In my case, I might go for Liquorice and Thyme syrup (for the sore throat,) It usually only needs a couple of days and tastes lovely.) And perhaps a mixture of Echinacea, Yarrow and Sage for the cold, I probably wouldn’t put Thyme in here because its in the sore throat mixture. A cold is a symptom, so it is vital to identify the cause of the problem and because I know that I have been over doing things, I might add Siberian ginseng (which is also anti-viral,) and something for my liver, most likely Dandelion root, and to help my body eliminate the excess mucous, (yes the slimy stuff) something for my kidneys, probably Nettles, and Melissa because it is another nerve tonic (amongst its many uses). Elderflower, also known as Nature’s medicine chest is also fantastic for colds. I would increase the fruit and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, such as Cranberries and/or Blackberries, have hot lemon and honey to drink. Eat (more) garlic, exclude dairy foods, and best of all, send myself to bed early.



One thought on “Taking my own medicine

  1. Sallie Stone-Bearne

    Thank you for this informative and refreshingly funny blog which really helps. With the sun not having it’s hat on quite as much as we’d like and the feeling that autumn is setting in a bit too quickly, the cold is certainly upon us!! I’m going to have lots of the vitamin C, extra garlic in my dinner and early to bed. I will know what to do if I get a sore throat too, fingers crossed! Really enjoyed reading your blog, thank you Fran.


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