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By | 1st February 2017

So many of us are starting a sugarfree month for February. Undoubtably we all have too much sugar in our diet and excluding it can only be a good thing. Statistics tell us that one in three adults in England are pre-diabetic. That means that their blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not quite high enough to hit the threshold that would mean they received the diagnosis of type II diabetes. Unchecked, it will most likely progress to type II diabetes. One of the major causes of this is sugar. It is added to almost everything we eat. It is important to remember that are many different types of sugar, and going sugar free is about removing added sugar (especially refined white sugar) from your diet. Best way to start is to avoid all pre-cooked, processed food as much as you can. Ban chocolates and biscuits that are simply temptation in disguise.  There are ways to make this one of the most positive health decisions you will ever make, so if you need support get it. Nutritional advice, about diet and about what vitamins and minerals can help you is essential. Herbs can support your body and mood. Hypnotherapy can help you maintain your resolve so you can achieve the best result for your health

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