Stress is not healthy – take time for your health

By | 4th January 2018

January can be a stressful month. It is loaded with symbolic meaning and high expectations. Many of us tell ourselves that, this year, it will be different, better, easier. Our bodies may well still be recovering from festive excesses. New Year Resolutions pop up all over the place in a most unhelpful way, driving a harsh determination to succeed at whatever it is we think needs attention.

Why not make this year the first of many when you put your health and well-being as your main priority. After all, if you aren’t well or you are not happy, how can you possibly achieve everything you want and deserve.

Make time for your health your only New Year’s Resolution, and come along to mindfulness classes. Call me now for details. Fran 07490 769079

in the meantime, here’s an article about the vagus nerve which is involved in stress and relaxation, that sets out some of the many, many benefits of mindfulness practice.

Vagus Nerve Yoga-Dr. Arielle Schwartz



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