Staying healthy – think central heating systems!

By | 11th November 2015

healthGood health is not magic but it is amazing. Being healthy is not difficult in itself, but given the way most of us live these days, constantly juggling all the demands on our time and energy, it can seem so. We all know the theory; eat well, have enough exercise, get plenty of rest and sleep, and of course, love your nearest and dearest and be happy. It is true that there are unfortunately many diseases that can knock us down even if we are lucky enough to live well. Sometimes the disease is too strong for the body to overcome on its own. Modern medicine has many essential and wonderful tools and if someone has a serious illness, the medicine and surgery it has to offer is often life-saving. But most ill-health is not so serious when it starts and this is where early changes are essential to avoid serious conditions or the need for conventional medicine. Alternative health care really works.

Your body wants only one thing; to be healthy. Unlike your mind, which is busy thinking of the past or the future or dealing with the stressful demands of the day, each one of your trillions of cells spends its entire life striving to be well. Every cell has a job that it will perform to the best of its ability. It needs the correct, tightly controlled conditions to achieve this. These are provided by, for example, nutrients, neurotransmitters (nerve signals,) hormones, and enzymes. Your cells work tirelessly. Lifelong good health is not something that just happens. Homeostatis is the name for the processes that occur within the body to keep everything perfectly balanced. Each cell is dependent upon another for its survival. This happens at a cellular level but of course we are not simply a mass of cells. They have certain characteristics that make them familiar to us as our skin, heart, lungs, bones, and they also work together in systems, such as our digestive system or cardiovascular system or nervous system.

It can be hard to make changes in the way that we live but its worth it. Changing the habits of a lifetime can be tough. The constant messages to stop smoking, eat more fruit and veg, drink less alcohol, take exercise and reduce stress can seem, well, stressful. But it is true that everything you do affects your health. Think of for a minute about a central heating system. It’s overall temperature is controlled by a thermostat. Turn it up and the boiler fires up, and before you have time to put on your jumper, its warm. Turn it down and the reverse is true. This is how homeostatis works. Now think of the fuel it needs to work, an efficient pump to move the water, unblocked pipes for the flow of the water, properly sealed joints at the connections, the environment for example an open window which prevents it from every reaching its optimum temperature. You can see how problems at any stage with reduce its efficiency, yet it might well chug on for another season, and it’s the same for you – and you are far more precious than the central heating system. Genetic make-up plays a role in health, but even then, your health is affected by your environment and your behaviour, the air you breathe, the food you eat and even the thoughts you think. The way you live can either support or interfere with your body’s ability to maintain its perfect balance and recover from the inevitable and unavoidable stresses life throws your way.

Herbal Medicine can treat most conditions that you would take to your GP, positive thinking and support is available with NLP and hypnotherapy to give you the tools to make changes. Nutritional advice will ensure you are getting the fuel that you need. Make changes for your health.






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