#selfcare awareness week

By | 15th November 2016


Prevention is better than cure. It’s a cliché and true. So, if you could do something today to make yourself feel better and keep yourself well or to avoid being ill, or to lift your mood, would you? Of course you would. And yet there is often a but!  But I am too busy, or too ill, or too tired, or haven’t got the money. And it’s true, these obstacles can often seem overwhelming.

But, imagine. Imagine a soft blue sky, or greenish-blue of the Ocean. Laughing out loud. Imagine running along the beach, a meadow. Imagine stopping, for a moment. Just standing still and taking the time to think of what you need.

Feeling well and good about yourself is not a given, but it is possible. Believing in yourself, knowing how valuable you are, understanding what makes you happy, sleeping well, eating well, and spending time with other people all matter. Walking, eating, playing, smiling, hugging, sharing. These are the tools of self-care.

The great thing is that self-care happens because you do it. It is the stuff you do at home, eating, sleeping, rest, play. How you work. The food you eat. How you feel emotionally and whether you feel positive. You can do all this for yourself.

But! Yes, another but. But sometimes it is not easy to change negative thoughts or life-long habits. The information out there about what is a healthy diet is mind-boggling. If you are feeling ill or run down, you might need treatment to get you back on your feet. If you feel a bit stuck at this time of your life, you might need some hypnotherapy or coaching to uplift your mood and creativity.

I combine the use of herbal medicine, nutritional advice and hypnotherapy or coaching to set you back on the track of self-care. If you would like to know more, please contact me for a free 20-minute discussion on 07490 769079.

As always, on an ‘Awareness’ day, if you contact me today to make an appointment, you will receive a 10% discount on your first consultation.

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