Precision engineering for health

By | 9th October 2015


Imagine this: people have been focused on you for months planning the journey of a lifetime. And now, its up to you. You need to pack for your wellbeing, food, fitness, physical and mental health, and also consider how you are going to travel. After all, there is no point in setting out for an adventure if you don’t have the means to look after yourself and your vehicle, which has (by the way) been produced to detailed plans drawn by the best in the business to the exact standards of the precision engineer. You might need to revisit the definition of precision engineering to ensure you have the information you need. Precision Engineering is the exact combination of all the required component parts to a standard of excellence. As the word precision suggests, this type of engineering is used for designing and building to the highest degree of accuracy. It follows, doesn’t it, that you don’t want to simply chuck a spanner at this type of deluxe machine?

Excited? Ready? Let the drum roll begin: Well, the journey is your lifetime and the vehicle is your body. The next and even better news is that this journey is not limited to a one-off event. Every day is a wonder when you are not limited by ill-health, negative thoughts or low mood. When you are living life as you want it (the holiday image) and feel well and energised (the vehicle image), every day brings its own reward.

‘All very well saying that,’ you might think, adding, ‘but what about the mortgage, the job, the stress, the headaches, the low moods, the self-doubt, pain, illness, fatigue, unhappiness?’ – the list can go on, but wait, I do have a suggestion.

What you need to know is that your digestive system is the powerhouse of your body. It’s fuel is your diet. Without nutritious healthy food, you are already working at less than 100%. Your other essential systems are your nervous system and your endocrine (hormones) system. Your vital organs are your heart, brain, kidneys, liver and your lungs. The precision engineer is nature and your systems and vital organs are the components parts to be balanced to maintain your health. The main guardian of this magnificent machine is your immune system.

Keeping the metaphor of precision engineering; can you see what stress you are creating for the powerhouse if you are not ensuring you are eating what your body needs? Can you imagine filling a superb Mercedes with poor quality oil? It will go – for a while. The whole is only as strong as its various parts and when they start to suffer, disease and poor mood will surely follow. There are endless examples; lack of sleep and depression, high glycaemic index foods (sugar rich) and diabetes, excess alcohol and liver disease, poor blood circulation and heart disease, stress and exhaustion, poor diet and obesity, low mood and comfort eating, processed food consumption and allergies and skin conditions. The immune system will go into overdrive to try to protect the whole body, but this can trigger autoimmune diseases. As the immune system becomes exhausted it can’t fight infection, illness can cause lack of sleep and round and round in ever decreasing circles you go.

There is no time to waste treating just your symptoms. Your body is hardwired for health and has provided us with the means to check whether it is operating within its safety parameters. We can measure blood pressure, listen to the heart and lungs, check on the body temperature, read the Ph. value of urine, check sugar levels in the blood. It’s relatively easy to know whether the hormones are in balance because, together with neurotransmitters (chemical nerve messengers), they govern how we feel, think, move, sleep, eat, levels of happiness or depression, whether we are fertile, short, tall, determine male and female characteristics, in other words, the whole shebang that you call you.

As with an engine, you have to strip disease right back to the core to find the fault, and check for damage everywhere else, and then lovingly restore each individual part back to its perfect self. Only then, when everything is balanced and harmonious, will you regain your full potential.

Here at Thyme for your Health, I combine my training in as a medical herbalist with NLP/Hypnotherapy and Nutrition to examine and treat the whole of you, your health, mind, and body.

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