Now is the Thyme for your health

By | 6th January 2016


Thanks to Roland Bearne for this photo of Thyme being dried ready for herbal tea demonstrates one way in which #Thyme is a wonderful #herbalmedicine. It’s an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antispasmodic. Virgil called it a ‘fumigator’ and Pliny wrote that it ‘puts to flight all venomous creatures.’ It can safely be used for infections. History is rich with the use of Thyme, those smelling of it were thought stylish. It was a symbol of bravery and energy, and an emblem of a Bee hovering over Thyme was presented to knights as a mark of honour. Honey produced by Bees feeding on Thyme has been described as the best. It’s fragrance and healing comes from Thymol, it’s essential oil. Applied to wounds it will clear or prevent infection. It was recommended for use for headaches and nightmares by #Culpepper. Now it is used for all respiratory infections – coughs, colds, bronchitis. Mixed with licorice it is wonderful for sore throats. It is a brilliant digestive remedy and is great to drink instead of alcohol as it will stop any craving. If you are enjoying #dryJanuary, it will certainly help. Its use in the kitchen is well known.

That’s why it always has to be #Thymeforyourhealth.



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