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Imagine how it would be if you could step into a place of calm and tranquility at any time, knowing you are in control of your life and emotions. Mindfulness and meditation can take you straight to that special place. Stress, work, life, burn-out, anxiety, depression are such constant features of our lives these days… Read More »

#mindfulness and getting #connected with #nature

Treat yourself to some time outside. Getting connected to nature is easy. No need for WiFi or a router and you certainly won’t need a signal booster. And it’s free. What with the daily commute, the office or work-place environment, stress and work pressure, it is easy to be inside most of the day. Give… Read More »

love your #digestive system

  Your digestive system is like a magical wonderland, where all the little uggy- buggies, aka your gut flora and fauna, create energy for your cells, process nutrients that keep you alive, and protect the army that makes up your immune system. When the environment is healthy, you feel happy and well. If the gut’s… Read More »

Come and join us for these Mindfulness weekly sessions. Do you embrace every day with the joy and playfulness of a child, or do you worry, feel stressed or feel too busy? Mindfulness practice enables you to enjoy your life fully, no matter what is going on for you at the time. Learn deep relaxation, how… Read More »

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Food can influence your mood, concentration, sleep as well as the obvious weight concerns. Your health really does depend on you to feed it the best food. Diabetes, Cholesterol, excess weight, headaches, skin complaints, allergies, irritable bowel, depression, lack of energy. Do you want to boost your success and wellbeing and feel good. Healthy eating… Read More »

What is in your milk?

There’s more to milk than you can see in the bottle, and knowing about how it ends up on the shelf is important for your health. The protein in milk, casein can cause allergies or sensitivities. In many of us it can upset the digestive system and immune system, but that’s not necessarily the only… Read More »

#DiabetesUK week 12-17th June #prediabetes #herbal medicine

              Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes can be treated with herbal medicine, nutritional advice and exercise, so knowing if you have it is essential. Come along on Wednesday 14th June for HbA1c blood test for just £10.00 and a FREE 15 minute appointment to discuss your results and plan… Read More »

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HbA1c blood test now available. Phone Fran on 07490 769 079 Check whether you are pre-diabetic or diabetic and have a treatment plan tailored to your needs, including herbal medicine and nutritional advice, so that you know what you can do to improve your health. Need to lose weight? reduce your blood pressure or bring… Read More »

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https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-athletes-way/201607/vagus-nerve-stimulation-dramatically-reduces-inflammation A brilliant article about the effect of inflammation on human health. Most health care practitioners know that the inflammatory process is the cause of most illness and distress. Herbal Medicine, healthy nutrition, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy will decrease inflammation and increase your health and well-being. Give yourself the gift of  time to read the article… Read More »


The moment that demonstrated one of the consequences of lack of #mindfulness. One momentary lapse in concentration; focus; a mindless lapse of attention; and crunch. One broken, smashed back car light. Being mindful is being aware of what is really going on, not what you think is going on. I thought I had the reverse… Read More »