Neal’s Yard Remedies

Why Organic?

Your skin is your major organ. It is the organ that has direct contact with the outer world and the environment in which we live. Your skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with.

The food and drinks that you that you have on a daily basis also have an impact on your skin and health. I use plant medicine to enhance your health, and this includes advice about your nutrition as what you eat is central to your health. I combine herbal medicine with nutritional advice, hypnotherapy / NLP and mindfulness to provide an organic, natural and holistic treatment program.

There are so many harmful chemicals in beauty products, personal hygiene products, the atmosphere, even the water we use to wash our bodies and clothes. We are exposed to 100’s of environmental toxins each day, which makes it so important that anything we apply to our skin does not add to the impact of these on our health.

Most make-up and personal products are high in many extremely harmful chemicals. It is likely that your current products are on the ‘dirty list’.

As the function of the skin is to protect us and to eliminate toxins, it is vital that you treat it with the loving care that you deserve.

To compliment my practice as a Medical Herbalist and Hypnotherapist, I am happy to let you know that I have now become a Consultant with Neal’s Yard Remedies and can supply any and all of their products at the same prices as they are in every other outlet.

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