#Mindfulness #Meditation 8 week course

By | 15th January 2018

Come and join us for Mindfulness Meditation. Another eight week course is starting this Wednesday 24th from 10-11am.

Why? How about feeling refreshed and excited about each day. How about reducing stress, improving relationships, overcoming anxiety, enjoying peaceful sleep.

You don’t need to have done any meditation before and you won’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor. Research has proven that Mindfulness meditation can transform your mind so that you can reduce anxiety and stress, improve your health and feel better.

You can train your brain to feel calm, happy and positive. You can learn how to let troubling thoughts float away like clouds in the sky, or water gently trickling under the bridge. Whatever goes on in your mind will affect your health. The body and the mind talk to each other all the time through neurotransmitters and hormones. Learn how to find peace no matter what is going on in your life. Phone Fran on 07490 769 079 or email fran@thymeforyourhealth.co.uk to book your place.

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