Midsummer Daisy in December

By | 20th December 2015


#Herbal medicine in your garden: for migraine, rheumatism and inflammation. As you can guess, with a common name like Midsummer daisy, #Tanacetum parthenium, also known as #feverfew, should not be in flower in December yet this photo was taken today. The medicinal compounds grow in the leaf making it a herb too pick and eat. It is bitter and so has a stimulating effect in the stomach to aid digestion, but that’s not all. Chew 2 or 3 leaves a day to cure and prevent migraines and reduce rheumatism. It is an #anti-inflammatory and so can be used to treat all inflammatory conditions. It contains chemicals that inhibit prostaglandins. These are involved in the inflammatory response by the body to injury, narrowing or widening blood vessels and it is this that contributes to the pain.

Strange as it is that this is in flower at this time of the year, take advantage and chew some every morning. It is best on an empty stomach acting like a workout at the gym for your digestive system. You might have to get used to the bitter taste in your mouth but it’s worth it if you suffer with migraine or other inflammatory conditions. If you haven’t got any near you, ask a herbalist. You can get it as a tincture. It’s not a herb to drink as tea, the heat will destroy the medicinal properties.



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