#Lung #cancer awareness month

By | 1st November 2016

As the seimg_7409asons change and we move into damp wet weather, we can all start to feel its effect on our health. You might find yourself with a cough or a cold; after all, the bugs love this weather. But, do take the time to know the signs of something more serious. There are lots of websites that give you the information you need to recognise the signs and symptoms you need to watch out for, in yourself or your loved ones. Early diagnosis is always important. If you have any worries at all, get straight down to your GP who will be pleased to see you taking your health seriously.

Take taking care of yourself seriously. There are many things you can do to stay well or get the support you need to get well. Thinking positively is vital. Hypnotherapy can enable you to draw on your internal strength. Herbal medicine can support any other treatment you might need. Essential oils, in your bath or in a diffuser can transport you to your favourite place. Creams, lotions, shampoo and soap free from all the harmful chemicals found in most beauty and washing products will reduce the load that your immune system has to deal with. Obviously, your diet is key and I can provide nutritional advice and meal planners. Deep and therapeutic relaxation enables your body to do what it needs to do to be well.

If I can help with any of these therapies, please get in touch. I provide products from Neal’s Yard, guaranteed to be free from dangerous chemicals, and all the medicinal herbs that I use are, where possible organically sourced, and produced in small family run establishments and are effective and safe.

Developing the art of feeling well and positive is extremely good for your health.

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