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By | 1st August 2016


Low blood pressure (hypotension), is not usually a health risk. It is defined as a blood pressure reading below 90/60

However, if you experience symptoms, serious underlying medical conditions must be ruled out by your GP. The two main culprits are low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) and low adrenal function. If you have no symptoms, then don’t worry. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease because the heart is not constantly working under pressure. But symptoms like dizziness or light-headedness can be a signal that it is too low. It could mean that essential nutrients and oxygen, supplied by your blood stream are not getting delivered throughout your body. You need to understand what else is going on in your body and to notice when you feel better and worse. Do you feel worse after eating? If so, it would be a good idea to eat little and often. Dehydration will definitely make you feel worse and so you must drink at least a litre and a half of water a day. Do you experience dizziness when you stand up? If so, do some stretches and movements before you stand and move slowly so that the blood pressure can build up. Stress and poor sleep make any conditions worse, and this is true with hypotension. Taking up relaxation techniques and improving your sleep habits will help. Learning how to manage stress and anxiety is essential. Being too hot or too cold will also make you feel worse, so take care of your body temperature.

If you mostly cook your meals from fresh ingredients and avoid adding salt, this may be something you need to address. Processed food and drinks, snacks and many restaurant meals will have a high salt content. If you suffer with low blood pressure, you may well need to take more salt. Use quality, real salt, not processed salt, as it is more likely to have other essential minerals in it too. The average adult should take a maximum of 6g salt per day, that’s a tea-spoon! Most of us get far more than that if we eat out or eat ready made processed foods, but if you eat a real food diet with no added salt and have low blood pressure, you should check that you are getting enough.

Licorice Root will help. You get this in quality licorice tea, real licorice sold through a health store (not the sweets or confectionary variety), or as a tincture from a herbalist. This is known to increase blood pressure and so must be avoided by everyone with high blood pressure. It will also support your adrenal glands, and will therefore be beneficial if you have been through a stress-full period. It does this by enabling your body to use the cortisol that is produced if you are stressed.

Spices such as ginger and chilli peppers will aid your circulation. Turmeric and cinnamon will support the blood vessels and reduce any inflammation. Adding spices to your meals will certainly improve your general health because of the improvement to your circulation.

A symptom is not the problem; it develops because of a breakdown in general health. Treating just the symptom is unlikely to restore good health. Your appointment will involve a full holistic health consultation to ensure we identify the underlying cause. Herbal medicine and nutritional advice will encourage your body to be part of your treatment. Hypnotherapy / coaching will improve mood and reduce anxiety or stress. Call me for a free 15 minute consideration of how herbs or hypnotherapy can help you.  07490 769 079



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