#Loveyourskin #harmfulchemicals #herbalmedicine #nutrition #hypnotherapy

By | 15th March 2016


#Loveyourskin #harmfulchemicals #herbalmedicine #nutrition #hypnotherapy

skin imageTake time for your health and look after your skin. Avoid the harmful chemicals used in many soaps, shampoo and other beauty products. Your skin, hair and nails provide the first line of defence for your body with barriers that protect all the internal organs from damage and environmental threat. Skin makes Vitamin D necessary to create healthy bones. All those lovely sensations from touch are sent to the brain by nerve endings in the skin along with information about pressure, temperature and of course pain. That red, raised wheal that comes up after a scratch or cut is the immediate inflammatory healing response due to chemical changes in the skin changing blood flow to the area. Big, ever-ready greedy macrophages – bug eating cells – lurk in the skin layers on permanent watch against invasion. Sweating and hair movement is part of temperature control and plays a cleansing role removing waste from the body. The tiny muscles around the hairs contract in response to the release of the stress hormone adrenaline, causing the sensation of hair standing up, visibly in the furry species like cats and dogs, but even in humans, those goose bumps are familiar to us all as a response to fear or cold.

Skin problems are extremely distressing. There are many. Dry skin, greasy skin, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, blemishes, moles or warts, sensation changes such as unexplained pain or temperature changes, sun burn, scars, injuries, ulcers, abscesses, colour changes – vitiligo, aging. The skin and nails provide a visible sign of how the body is coping with the stresses and strains of daily life. The digestive system deserves its own mention. Without healthy nutrition the body will always be working overtime to keep you well.

Herbal medicine works deeply, supporting the systems and organs that keep us well, such as our immune system, hormonal system, liver, kidneys and nervous system. Hypnotherapy and emotional support from NLP work on stress levels and coping mechanisms.

Eat well, rest and take time for your health, treat your skin well, and feel the benefit every day.

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