love your #digestive system

By | 6th September 2017


Your digestive system is like a magical wonderland, where all the little uggy- buggies, aka your gut flora and fauna, create energy for your cells, process nutrients that keep you alive, and protect the army that makes up your immune system. When the environment is healthy, you feel happy and well. If the gut’s secret garden gets polluted by external toxins or run down due to lack of TLC or good food, you feel moody and dark, as if foul weather has blighted your day.

As a herbalist, I am trained to give nutritional advice as well as herbal medicine. Herbs can soothe and restore gut health. What you eat is obviously what feeds your body. Eating well is a joy.

The picture is of meadowsweet, a fantastic herb for the the gut, used with acidity, heartburn, irritable bowel, ulcers and so much more. Call me on 07490 769 079 or visit my website and send me an email.

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