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By | 4th September 2015


Your body is wonderful and yet if you take a moment to think about how you see yourself, and listen to the things you say about yourself, and connect to how you feel about yourself, I suspect two things will come up. First, you might find that you think of your body as separate from you, the ‘real you’, and suggest that your body is just the way you look. Secondly, like most of us, the image you have of your body is probably negative. I invite you to imagine how much more engaging you would be if you loved everything about your appearance. Spend time now to write out a list of all the good things you have to say about yourself. Explore how you would feel if you truly believed that you always look good. So, what helps you most? Feeling negative and down on yourself or loving how you are? I wonder how easy or how hard you found it to write the positive list?

Weight is a troublesome issue for many, but it doesn’t have to be. I am not suggesting we all should be skinny. Not at all. It’s only a problem if you don’t like how you look or it’s impacting on your health. There are so many packages, products, diets and suggestions out there that it is easy to get lost or to think you need to give all of them a try. Long lists of good food and bad food are scary. How do you know what will be good for you? Everyone has advice to give; every tip is different, so how does that help you to plan breakfast, lunch and an evening meal? And does it mean that you can never, ever, ever drink wine, eat cake, or have chocolate again?

Feeding the mind matters, to think, you need energy. Do you know that your brain uses 20% of your fuel? Your emotions need carbohydrates and yes, sugar is a carbohydrate. Without a steady supply of carbohydrates, you will experience mood swings. Your body and health require a constant supply of nutrients namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, fibre and water.

Your weight and appearance, your health and happiness are all connected. I believe you already know how to stop seesaw dieting, or break the cycle of negativity. It’s how to put it all together that is the unknown. Using NLP to get to the core of your thinking, to rid yourself of negative images and identify triggers, cravings and your own achievable targets. Using Nutritional advice regarding your general diet to ensure that your body is getting the nutrition it must have to stay healthy and using Herbal Medicine to treat any underlying causes, and often depression in involved in this issue, you will leave Thyme for Your Health, already knowing you look good and confident about what you will do to stay that way.







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