Look what I made – Penicillium chrysogenum? Danger alert.

By | 6th December 2017

Look what I made! See what happens if you don’t eat all the bread and then forget that its even still in the bread bin. This was just a small crust left over but, within two days in the right conditions (container with a loose lid), it had grown into this fuzzy creature from another realm.

Joking apart, never eat mouldy bread, or any mould. Although theoretically, it could be the beginning of home-made penicillin, in reality it is dangerous.

Don’t ever sniff it because you will inhale the spores which can settle in the lungs and cause respiratory problems, don’t even chuck it out for the birds, and definitely don’t eat it. It’s not ok to cut off the mouldy bits and eat the rest, because, like in all scary situations, the spores start their growth deep within without you knowing. This little fella grew in just two days! I know, shame on me for not checking. Is it just me who is slack in the kitchen?

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