Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness unlock your mind

By | 21st January 2016


#Hypnotherapy #NLP #Mindfulness: #transformthoughts and #unleashyourdreams. We all know the meaning of the phrase, ‘the tip of the iceberg’ and this image is a useful way to imagine our mind, with only 5-10% being readily accessible and known to us. 90% of it’s activity takes place deep below our awareness. Another way to image this is to visualise a vast blue sky visible over the ocean. It’s huge. Look now, in your mind’s eye for one tiny speck of cloud in the sky. Ok, it’s cloudless so you will have to switch to the dark for a minute and find a star. One star. That star represents the day-to-day 5-10% of the working mind. The sky represents the rest of your mind, the part we don’t hear from unless we make an effort.

Another useful way of understanding the mind is to think of it being made of 3 parts, the conscious mind aka the ego (the 5-10%), the subconscious (50–60%) (or pre-conscious if you follow Freud) and the unconscious (30–40%).

Most of us define ourselves by the thoughts we have and these happen in the conscious mind. We believe our thoughts, after all, we thought them so they must be true. True? No. If the conscious mind (5-10%) is like the Captain of a ship giving orders, then it’s the crew down below who do all the work. How well it all runs depends on the type of training given to the crew. The conscious mind allows us to engage with the outside world. Our subconscious mind holds our recent memories and has a hot-line to our unconscious mind which is where all memories and past experiences are stored. Everything you have ever done or known is held here. This is where our beliefs, habits and behaviours were formed. The subconscious is what drives the car for you when you zone out and wonder how you made the journey. Everything you know is based on what you have learned. A baby isn’t born with a conscious mind. It’s the subconscious and unconscious that processes what is going on. Hungry, cry, feed, hungry, cry, feed until they learn guess what, when I cry I get fed. And from these basic lessons our conscious mind is formed, the good and the bad, the remembered and the repressed, the positive and the negative, until, hey presto, we have a Captain with an opinion, and she/he won’t be shy about letting you know what should or should not be done and how to do it. And sometimes this Captain gets in the way, or is critical, nasty, or dismissive. This is the negative self-talk that can go on in your head and leave you feeling defeated or depressed.

So what can you do? Your subconscious mind houses your creative, successful self and is joined to your unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is too busy with life to listen to them, and anyway it thinks it knows it all already. Hypnotherapy and NLP are tools to enable you to retrain your brain and let go of negative self-talk or limiting beliefs. Your subconscious takes orders from your conscious mind making it vital that you also teach your conscious mind to be kind. Listen to what you tell yourself. Is it harsh? If someone else spoke to you that way, would you still be their friend?

To make changes in your life you need to work on the beliefs that are held in your unconscious mind. This starts in the conscious mind and filters down. NLP can ensure that your become aware of your thought processes and Hypnotherapy can enable you to visit deeper parts of your mind to unleash your full potential. In this way you can remodel your habits, behaviours and beliefs. It’s a wonderfully liberating experience. Try it and see.


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