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By | 13th May 2017


A brilliant article about the effect of inflammation on human health. Most health care practitioners know that the inflammatory process is the cause of most illness and distress. Herbal Medicine, healthy nutrition, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy will decrease inflammation and increase your health and well-being.

Give yourself the gift of  time to read the article and see how your physical health, body, mind and diet are all connected and how moving into relaxed mode really does improve your health.

We all need to learn to be like a cat curled up in a sunny spot. Relaxed and yet ready to go when the time is right. The opposite is stress and anxiety which turns on the flight or fight responses. Being in a state of high alert and worry creates inflammation in the body. It exhausts the immune system.

Think like a cat and activate your Vagus nerve, reduce inflammation and be well.

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