Herbal Medicine and Endometriosis

By | 28th September 2015


Herbal medicine offers many options for the treatment of this painful and often debilitating condition. It arises when endometrial tissue grows outside the endometrium and causes inflammation and congestion. It can cause infertility and pain during intercourse. It does cause pain during the cycle, more commonly during the first week. It can cause excessive bleeding.

As a herbalist, the first thing I would need to understand is what is happening with the hormonal system. There is no one-size-fits-all cause or treatment. Hormones, diet and life-style factors need to be taken into account before a prescription can be made.

Whilst conventional medicine provides the option for full blood and hormonal readings, I would ascertain how the individual cycle is functioning from a detailed history. Treatment must be tailored to the different stages of the cycle to balance the hormones released. Conventional treatment can involve surgery and usually includes pain medication. The first step, for me as a herbalist, is to re-balance the hormone levels in the body. This might need a prescription for before and after ovulation. The immune system will need support. There will need to be anti-inflammatory herbs in the medicine and pain management. The liver will need support, as will the nervous system as this is a stressful condition. Oestrogen, one of the main hormones, plays a role in stimulating cell growth. But excess oestrogen can contribute to unnatural growth. Most women today have an excess of oestrogen, this is from the xenoestrogens, compounds whose molecular structure is similar to oestrogen and so acts like oestrogen in the body. These are found in production of meat and diary products, agricultural pesticides and plastics used in food packaging. There are also emitted from plastics used in window and door production. Herbs and diet play a major part in reducing this excess.

Herbs, exercise, mood management and stress reduction and dietary changes can produce fantastic results in this condition, and a full treatment plan and prescription would be managed over time to adapt to the bodies changing needs.



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