Happy International Women’s Day

By | 8th March 2016

8_march_womans_dayWith Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day falling so closely together, it seems appropriate to consider the work life balance women strive to achieve all the time.

There have been many improvements for women. Women work and have children, women choose to work and not have children, women support loved ones and work in schools, hospitals, Government, libraries as entrepreneurs and carers and so much more. However, there is still much to be done to ensure that women and girls can live as safely as men and boys, and therefore reach their full potential. Many men are also actively engaged in achieving this.

Make sure you recognise the vital role you play in shaping the World and fighting oppression. Take time for your health and well-being.

Have a luxurious bath and add essential oils for scent and relaxation. Eat well. Drink water during the day and have a glass of wine, or even Champagne this evening. Celebrate your achievements. Be proud of your accomplishments.  Sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Lift your spirits with positive thinking. Change negative thoughts or bad habits or stress with NLP coaching and Hypnotherapy and relaxation, and guard your health. Take herbal medicine as soon as you feel any aches or pains. Don’t wait until you feel worse. Treat yourself today.


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