Happiness is good for you and everyone you meet

By | 13th October 2015


Being happy is good for your health. Of course, it is not always simple. There are many reasons why people do not feel happy and to those this message may seem impossible. Pain, grief, illness, personal circumstances, stress, worry, loneliness and other emotions and conditions can block happiness. However, living with unhappiness is not good for your health. It can make you ill. The good news is that there are steps you can take.  At Thyme for Your Health we use antidepressant Herbal medicine, nutritional advice, because food has a major influence on mood and and your immune system, and NLP techniques with Hypnotherapy where appropriate, to enable you to overcome the challenges to your happiness. Humans are in fact hard-wired to be happy. Your happiness will make others happy. Your happiness will improve your health. Your happiness is essential.

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