By | 13th September 2015


Your body loves being happy. Your happiness is stimulated by hormones and neurotransmitters, and these will flow whether you’ve just had a wonderful time, or because, sitting in front of the mirror, you force yourself to smile.

Try it. Deliberately make the smiley-face logo we all know from text messages. Feel the muscles tingle and spark. Watch yourself transform into a picture of happiness. It feels good. Go further and start laughing and don’t stop until your eyes run and your toes curl. You don’t even have to tell yourself a joke. It works even when you really feel like crying.

This happens because your brain can’t resist happiness. It is not picky. It doesn’t make a distinction between ‘real happiness’ and ‘pretend happiness.’ It all feels the same to your brain. And whoosh – your blood is loaded with drugs, and they are all yours and completely natural.

So what are these hormones and neurotransmitters you might wonder? After all, if they are yours you deserve to know how they work. Generally, they know what to do and when balanced, you, your mind and your body all happily rub along together in harmony.

However, there are times when silencing negative thoughts or out-manoeuvring depression may take more than canned laughter. Neurotransmitters and hormones are chemicals. If your body is depleted you will need to top up. Herbal medicine is wonderful for mild to moderate depression and will lift your mood without the side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs. Your diet plays a significant role in your mental and physical health, we all know about phenylethamine in chocolate right? but, unfortunately, a choc-fest will not solve every problem. An exercise plan will increase your endorphins and NLP and meditation can teach you how to reduce cortisol, the hormone of stress.






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