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By | 16th March 2016

cell function

Everything about you happens in your cells and they need looking after all the time. This is why aches, pains and feeling under the weather matter. Even your moods and emotions start off in your cells. Every cell has its own particular function having been especially designed for the body system it inhabits. Cells that do the same job join up to form body tissue like skin, bone and muscle. Cells group together to make organs such as your heart and lungs. Organs work with each other form systems, like your immune system or your nervous system and of course, your digestive system. Cells are like team members dedicated to keeping your alive. They perform chemical magic. Just look now at any part of your body, or think about those you can’t see, and imagine how many cells make the whole. Cells are unique. Love your cells. But, you might ask how do you love a cell?

Cells need oxygen to function, so take care of your lungs, your heart and your blood circulation. After that, nutrition is everything. Your digestive system is key to providing each cell with what it needs. The digestive system has its own nervous system and is often referred to as the second brain. Your emotional wellbeing cannot be separated from your guts. Your digestive system is dependant upon your diet. You are what you eat, but only if your cells are functioning properly so that they can absorb what they need. Take time for your health. Take herbal medicine to keep you vibrant and healthy. Get nutritional advice to ensure you are eating what you need, and always take your moods seriously. Hypnotherapy will help you through difficult times or problems that prevent you from enjoying every day. Don’t wait until you feel ill. Being healthy is about more than not being ill.


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