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Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes can be treated with herbal medicine, nutritional advice and exercise, so knowing if you have it is essential.

Come along on Wednesday 14th June for HbA1c blood test for just £10.00 and a FREE 15 minute appointment to discuss your results and plan a treatment package.

Diabetes is a sneaky, silent condition. This means you won’t know you have it until you start experiencing seriously disabling symptoms. Don’t let it creep up on you. Come and have the gold star HbA1c blood test. It is a simple finger prick test that shows how your blood sugar levels have been over the last 3 months. It takes 5 minutes and will accurately show whether you are in a pre-diabetic state or have diabetes. A pre-diabetic state indicates that without changes, you will develop full diabetes. If you are diabetic you must make some changes. Combining herbal medicine, nutritional advice, hypnotherapy and or mindfulness practice, I can make sure you know what to do, have the medicinal support you need, and can work with you on your motivation and commitment to changes so that you can maintain your vital health.

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