Detox and stay healthy with Lemon juice

By | 4th January 2016

This healtlemons_6022hy habit is so easy to incorporate into your daily life and so good for you that it would seem foolish not to do it. Here’s how:

  • Wake up
  • Go to the kitchen
  • Pour (filtered) water into a glass (at least half a litre)
  • Take half a lemon
  • Squeeze through a juicer (the little kitchen version is good, no need for expensive equipment)
  • Add juice to water
  • Drink

Why? Lemons are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, Vitamin B and C, and more. These will boost your immune system and help you fight off infections. It is important to drink it on an empty stomach because it will flush out any toxins. Although lemon is acidic outside the stomach (a drop on a marble top or slate tiling will show you how strong it is) a kind of magic happens when you consume it so that it corrects any imbalance in your internal pH levels. This is important for your digestive system, and where there are inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

The benefits are seemingly endless. It helps to reduce food yearning. Drink it in the evening as a refreshing alternative to wine and it will reduce alcohol cravings. It has a soothing and balancing effect upon the digestive system, calming irritable bowels and stomach cramps. It is excellent as a pick-me-up when you feel exhausted for any reason.

For full benefit always use organic fruit. Most non-organic fruit is covered in chemicals that should not be put in the body. If you have a juicer, leave on at least half the skin (wash it first) and then juice. The skin and pith are both rich in Lemon’s health promoting compounds. And, remember, when the lemon juice water is still in your mouth, it is acidic. Avoid it making contact with your teeth by drinking it through a straw. Use a water filter so that you are not loading yourself with heavy metals and other unwanted compounds, such as fluoride, that is found in unfiltered tap water.

Give yourself a fresh start to every day. The question really is, ‘Why not?”





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