By | 9th September 2015

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Macmillan Coffee morning 25th September 2015, at a venue near you!

Indulge yourself. Get together, raise money for Macmillan Nurses and drink coffee. Can you resist that wonderful smell of sunshine, coffee shops and friendship, combined with the chance to do your bit for this important Charity? I can’t, but neither can I resist the opportunity to tell everyone about the magic contained in that coffee bean. After all, caffeine is also used as a herbal medicine.

The Coffea arabica beans contain caffeine, amino acids, volatile oils, (responsible for its amazing aroma), minerals, vitamins, fibre and plant based steroids. They have antioxidant and pain killing properties. Caffeine helps clear the body of toxins and reduces the debilitating effects of pain. It causes blood vessels to constrict which is why it can also be used for migraine relief. Food and drug companies know how effective caffeine is and use laboratory produced caffeine in painkillers and many food products, but you can get these benefits naturally for the price of a cup of coffee.

The buzz we get comes from the stimulant effect of the caffeine as it improves our physical performance, increases our concentration and blows away fatigue. It also has an effect on our metabolism, helping the body to burn unwanted fat, which will help when you have eaten those lovely cakes and biscuits that come with the coffee morning. It is also an anti-depressant, which is another good reason to encourage others to attend your local Macmillan coffee morning.

One of the problems today is that caffeine is added to so many food products that it is easy to have too much. It can increase anxiety, insomnia and restlessness and it is important to be careful if you have certain medical conditions. You should not have too much if you are pregnant or are a nursing mother.

However, moderation is one of the keys to healthy living, so don’t be afraid to order. Coffee please …


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