#cinnamon #Raynaulds disease #digestive discomfort

By | 8th February 2017

Cinnamon is one of the wonder spices. It makes a lovely warming drink. It soothes internal (smooth) muscle tissue which makes it fantastic with any and all digestive discomfort. Recent studies show that it does help to break down fat stored in the body, which is good news if you want to loose weight, but also importantly it helps to break down the triglycerides that cause problems in the blood vessels. It aids circulation so is something to take if you suffer with Raynauld’s disease. Yet another benefit is that research has shown it to help lower blood pressure in people with #diabetes. Time to get some good quality, preferably organic cinnamon and indulge yourself. As always caution is recommended if you are pregnant or have an ongoing medical condition and you should get advice from a herbalist. #NIMH the National Institute of Medical Herbalists lists all medical herbalists near you.

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