Welcome to Thyme for your Health

tag bitDo you find you need motivation? feel unwell? lack energy? suffer with low mood, depression, phobias, anxiety, ill health? If so, you need to take time for your health.

During your appointment we will examine your health, dietary, mood and physical needs to identify the complete treatment package to enable you to reach your optimal health.

Taking care of yourself takes time. Making the right choices for your health can sometimes seem difficult. The connection between your mind and body is the key to your health.

My purpose, here at Thyme for Your Health, is to provide a professional and clinical approach to your health needs, in an holistic and caring manner, combining my knowledge of medical conditions, herbal medicine, nutrition and empowering psychological therapies (NLP and Hypnotherapy) to identify the most effective treatment to enable you to achieve your optimal health and emotional wellbeing, and to gain strategies to cope with the stresses and demands of daily life upon your body, emotions and health.